Michael R. Head (suppressingfire) wrote,
Michael R. Head

Who's making decent laptops these days with the "nubbin" pointer?

My school Thinkpad's system board died last week (the video chip won't boot), so I shipped it in for service (we paid for a 3 year warranty on the core components). So far so good, I've been happy with Thinkpad support in the past. Unfortunately, I had damaged the plastic around the USB port 6 months ago, and the warranty we bought doesn't cover the broken plastic. So they told me they won't (OK, "can't" -- the USB port is on the system board) fix the covered problem until I pay to fix the uncovered problem... at a cost of $950 for a two and half year old laptop.

So, I guess I'm done with Lenovo / Thinkpads. I'm in no immediate need to replace it because I have a separate laptop from work. Nevertheless, I'd like to start planning it out.

So which manufacturers are still holding up the banner of quality? Are any of them coming with pointing sticks? Do other manufacturer's pointing sticks have the same feel as the Thinkpad? I have all kinds of trouble with touchpads when I'm trying to seriously use a laptop, so anything with only touch is unacceptable.
Tags: busted, laptop, thinkpad
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