March 27th, 2007


Worklog: Proceeding through deadlines...

  1. SOCP paper done, already accepted (just barely). This does mean I get to go to HPDC, though.
  2. Developerworks tutorial, first draft submitted on 2007-03-24, almost done with the edits.
  3. Presentation on Java Generics and C++ Templates done and presented.
  4. Presentation for PDSEC in IPDPS for 2007-03-30: not started, gotta find the presentation from Grid05. Flying to Long Beach tomorrow morning at 6AM. Hopefully the second batter will last the plane ride.
  5. SC|07 and Grid07 papers... not even started, due 2007-4-9 and 2007-4-7.. ugh...
  6. Update: Dunno why Shift-Space inserts the  symbol (apparently in UTF-8 this means some non-SPACE space, but in Latin1, it's Â)

    Update: And now the developerworks tutorial edits have been submitted!

    Update: PDSEC talk is done