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Converting chemical energy into mechanical energy

I finally got around to biking to work again today.

I foolishly thought I would save time by taking my bike to the shop to get a tune up. Sadly, the owner of the shop decided to take an unannounced vacation from the store and left me without the bike for two weeks. Worse, while he did a satisfactory job replacing the brake pads, the derailleurs aren't tuned quite as tight before, leading to gear slippage and even chain drop.

Still, it's working satisfactorily enough to get me back and forth to work. Even better, I've brought my on-road time down to about 30 minutes for the 3 mile ride. The weather was nice today, probably around 40 when I set out. My ski thermals, padded bike shorts, long sleeved shirt I got at SC08, fleece, ear muffs and gloves kept me warm enough once I got my internal temperature up on the initial ~300' climb.
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