Michael R. Head (suppressingfire) wrote,
Michael R. Head

Wallach's "Rebooting the CS Publication Process"

I just finished reading Dan S. Wallach's Rebooting the CS Publication Process, which proposes an arXiv-like publication system for Computer Science publications. It's a good read, even if it's a little more heavily focused on the issues of university academics than industrial researchers that also use the publication system (most of the current problems described and potential benefits that would arise translate well, though).

I certainly agree that a paper's influence metric should value more than just a simple citation count, and the CSpub system is designed around facilitating a change in that direction. I'm not sure about the query-based citation ideas, certainly if there's any kind of "auto-update" mechanism that changes referring papers references to "upgraded" papers.

Nevertheless, it's a good read. Something needs to change in the system. Reviewers must be overloaded these days (in my most charitable judgement), because many of the reviews I see are entirely too weak (e.g., a weak reject with no explanation or suggestion for improvement).

EDIT (2010-08-17): researchr.org seems to implement some of these ideas (publication interlinking and a "credit" metric of some kind.
Tags: publication, research
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